Member of the Bulgarian Association of Cinematographers(BAC)




2018 THE FATHER(post-production) directed by Peter Valchanov&Kristina Grozeva

2018 THE ANNOUNCEMENT | ANONS directed by Mahmut Fazil Coskun

2017 VOEVODA directed by Zornica Sophia Popgantcheva

2017 LIFT FOR PATIENTS directed by Iglika Trifonova

2016 GLORY directed by Peter Valchanov&Kristina Grozeva 

2016 GODLESS directed by Ralitza Petrova  

      (Shared photography credits with Chayse Irvin CSC)

2014 THE LESSON directed by Peter Valchanov&Kristina Grozeva

2014 VIKTORIA directed by Maya Vitkova

2013 THE COLOR OF THE CHAMELEON directed by Emil Christov

2011 SHELTER directed by Dragomir Sholev

2009 FORECAST directed by Zornica-Sophia



2018 TURNING directed by Robert Vukajlo

2014 CHAIN directed by Eicke Bettinga

2011 MY TIRED FATHER directed by Maya Vitkova

2010 THE SONG OF SONGS directed by Dimitar Radev

2010 STANKA GOES HOME directed by Maya Vitkova

2008 JE MAHR ES HERVODRINGT directed by Theo Prodromidis

2008 CAPITAL 15/segment "White, Green, Red"  directed by Milena Andonova

2007 BIRDS OF HEAVEN directed by Kristina Grozeva

2007 FAMILY THERAPY directed by Peter Valchanov

2006 YOU ARE IT directed by Nikolai Mutafchiev

2006 TOUCHES directed by Robert Vukajlo

2006 A.T.M. directed by Victor Chuchkov

2004 DIVING directed by Robert Vukajlo

2004 BEFORE LIFE, AFTER DEATH directed by Dragomir Sholev

2003 I HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL YOU directed by Dragomir Sholev

2003 RESSURECTION directed by Peter Valchanov



2013 RIVERS WITHOUT BRIDGES directed by Peter Valchanov&Kristina Grozeva

2011 MY MATE MANCHESTER UTD. directed by Stefan Valdobrev

2009 CUBA IS MUSIC directed by Ilian Djevelekov





  • 2018 - Best Cinematography Award for “THE ANNOUNCEMENT” at Adana International Film Festival(Turkey)

  • 2013 - New Cinematographers Award at the Terre Di Cinema 2013

for “THE COLOR OF THE CHAMELEON” - award given by the students participating at the festival

  • 2012 - Award for best cinematography at the “Golden Rose” Film Festival, Varna for


  • 2011 - The New Visions Award at the 32th ICFF “Manaki Brothers”, Bitola(Mac) for “SHELTER”

  • 2010 - Award for best cinematography at the “Golden Rose” Film Festival, Varna for “SHELTER”

      (shared with DP Anton Bakarski)    

  • 2006 - Award for Best Student Cinematographer at the 27th ICFF “Manaki Brothers”, Bitola(Mac)

        for “DIVING”

  • 2006 - Diploma for the Best Camera Work at the St. Petersburg FF Beginning ’06 for “DIVING”

  • 2005 - GOLDEN TADPOLE at Camerimage ’05 for “BEFORE LIFE, AFTER DEATH”

  • 2005 - Best Cinematography at Next Reel IFF New York ’05 for “BEFORE LIFE, AFTER DEATH”

  • 2005 - Special Award for Best Cinematography at the 7th IF for Student Films Belgrade for “DIVING”